Pigeon Shooting Lincolnshire
Expert guided pigeon shooting trips in and around Lincoln, England.

Beginners and experienced shooters welcome.


Wood Pigeon-Public Emeny Number 1 "The Woody"

 Know your quarry!

 wood pigeon on the ground

Wood pigeon have very distinctive white bars on their wings and around the back and sides of the neck. Although they are related to other common pigeons found in the UK these white markings are they way to spot them.

Learn to watch pigeons in flight wherever you are and identify the woodies at all angles by these markings. Once you are out in the field you may only get a split second to identify your target so practice, practice, practice.

wood pigeon in flight

Start to watch the sky and the fields for signs of pigeon activity, or worse still, damage. Bald patches in crop fields are a sure sign. Beaten down rape and cereal crops are another.

wood pigeons roosting

Look for flight lines where pigeons follow the same general line of flight across fields. Look to see if they follow rivers, roads or even railway lines in your area. Once you start to look for your own permissions you will need to talk to landowners about these things so it pays to learn the basics.

Get out just around dawn and see how many pigeon are down on the ground in the early part of the day. Go back out at dusk to see if you can find where they roost for the night. If you see a farmer and he isn't in the middle of some task try asking him about his pigeon problem. Don't ask for permission to solve it until he has told you all about it!

 wood pigeon dining

Set up some decoys without trying to shoot anything just to see what reaction you get. It isn't easy by the way! Heads up or heads down? On the ground or in the trees? Moving or still? Bouncing or spinning on a motor? Plenty of experimenting and don't be put off if they don't just flock to you.

There is plenty you can do to make the most of your day with Tom or you can come along as a complete beginner and just open your mind and drink in the experience.

The choice is yours!

good pigeons

Pigeon shooting is a service to farmers helping to keep supplies up and prices down!


Pigeons can devastate crops in a just a few hours.


Modern crops bring bumpers harvests but also supply pigeons with food all year round so numbers have rocketed in recent years.


Learn to shot pigeons safely and effectively and you will be a farmers friend and welcome in the countryside.