Pigeon Shooting Lincolnshire
Expert guided pigeon shooting trips in and around Lincoln, England.

Beginners and experienced shooters welcome.


Learn To Shoot Pigeons

With A Professional Guide!

Getting your first "shooting permission" can be tough so why not share an existing permission and get expert guidance too?


Welcome to pigeonshootinginlincolnshire.co.uk

Please have a look at what we have to offer!
With over 5000 acres of prime pigeon shooting land and an abundance of pigeons - The scene is set! Get started the right way with professional pigeon shooting guide Matt Cole.
We will carry out extensive reconnaissance prior to the arrival of all clients to ensure the best fields are selected to shoot over.
There is no excess charge with us even if you have a red letter day or shoot over 250 shells.

If you want to join the shooting community and learn to do things safely then this could be the right way to start.

Shooting pigeons takes skill and knowledge to do well but it shouldn't break the bank unlike buying an expensive day at a driven shoot. You will be doing a farmer a big favour too!

A guided day will teach you such things as:

  • Timing – When is the best time of day to shoot pigeons?  Which season?
  • Decoying – How do I get close enough to shoot?
  • Camoflage– What to wear and what not to wear!
  • Hides – Do I need to build a hide? How, Where?
  • Ammunition – What cartridges should I use? How many do I need? What size shot? Plastic or fibre wads? Steel or lead shot?
  • Guns – What is the best gun for pigeon? Can I use the gun I already have? Can I use an air rifle?
  • Legal – When is it legal to shoot pigeons? What insurance do I need and why. How do I ask for a "permission".
  • Marksmanship - When to fire and when not. How much lead do I need to give pigeon?

You will learn more in a day with professional guide Matt Cole than a year on your own and you will be a lot safer too!

Pigeon shooting is a service to farmers helping to keep supplies up and prices down!


Pigeons can devastate crops in a just a few hours.


Modern crops bring bumpers harvests but also supply pigeons with food all year round so numbers have rocketed in recent years.


Learn to shot pigeons safely and effectively and you will be a farmers friend and welcome in the countryside.